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First-Time Home Buyers

Homeownership is within reach!  We have first-time home buyer programs to help you reach your goal. Conventional, FHA and VA financing offer features for buyers looking for a low down payment and ways to overcome credit issues.

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We have many loan choices for first-time home buyers; our Mortgage Loan Originators have decades of experience in guiding you to a mortgage that fits your lifestyle. Best of all, we treat you like family.

Here are some of the most popular loan types:

  • Conventional: A great choice for a primary residence. 
  • FHA: Features a low down payment option with flexible qualifying criteria.
  • USDA: Ideal for those looking for a home in rural areas. 
  • VA: A lower rate loan for qualified veterans and their families.

Our experts can help you find the loan that's just right for you. 

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What happens next...

Apply for a loan
Just like your real estate agent helped you through your home search, your Premia Relocation Mortgage Loan Originator will guide you through the mortgage application process.
Get pre-approved
Being pre-approved gives you the negotiating power you may need. Pre-approval is a strong indicator of your ability to purchase a home contingent upon the appraisal, purchase contract and other related factors.

Make an offer
There are many ways to do this: most commonly you will work with a real estate professional who can guide you toward homes that match your criteria and handle the negotiating and purchasing process on your behalf. Ask one of our Mortgage Loan Originators to refer a Realtor to you if you are not already working with someone. 

Get verified
Once you’ve applied, we’ll need to verify your income, employment, and assets. Our technology gives you a secure way to provide your information.

Underwriting process
The information from your application begins to go through a verification process to ensure your debts and income match the information provided. In addition, an appraisal is ordered to confirm the value of your prospective home.
Buy and close
Your Premia Relocation Mortgage Loan Originator will work alongside any pertinent parties, including escrow agents, lawyers, and others, to close your loan as quickly as possible.

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