Operations Supervisor Ted Pike Works Toward Solutions

Ted Pike is an Operations Supervisor on Premia Relocation Mortgage’s fulfillment team. While Ted has years of experience processing loans for borrowers, the nature of 2020 created new challenges for borrowers and his team.

COVID-19 and the resulting business shut-downs caused many people to experience financial hardship. For many, it was their first time being unemployed or furloughed. Our sales team was counseling a gentleman who had been unemployed and was in a mortgage forbearance (a deferred payment plan due to hardship). This gentleman found new employment with a retail employer who offered an employee home finance benefit through Premia Relocation Mortgage. Our team reviewed his full financial situation, collaborated and researched different financial options. He was surprised that he could sell his home, reduce the number of the creditors and still purchase a home. Best of all, the borrower would no longer be in forbearance.

The borrower had substantial equity and a worthy credit history, but Ted knew that the underwriting team would require extra documentation to prove the borrower’s ability to repay. Behind the scenes Ted was working on this borrower’s behalf communicating with his current mortgage financier and collecting documentation from various creditors. With each documentation request, Ted was communicating the “why” which was the value of getting out of forbearance and preserving credit. Ted eased the process for the borrower. This extra work paid off and the borrower was able to move into his new home prior to Christmas 2020.

When Ted was asked about what makes him good at his job, Ted replied, “I stay calm and remain focused on finding a solution.”

This must be true because he spent his spare time in 2020 planning and planning again for his wedding due to the pandemic. He was eventually married the day after Thanksgiving.

Congratulations Ted and we are glad you are on the Premia Relocation Mortgage Team!
- Dec 28, 2020