Chasing Joy

Rob Hughes, vice president of client services at Premia Relocation Mortgage was bit by the travel bug when he backpacked Europe alone in 1992. This solo mission challenged Rob while exposing him to the diverse people, culture, climate and food the world has to offer.

“It’s the challenge of navigating logistics and language that makes international travel so exciting,” said Rob. “You can have no room for fear, just joy.”

Since that first trip, Rob has visited nearly 50 countries and has identified his favorites. He claims New Zealand has it all when it comes to terrain – mountains, volcanos, fjords, lakes and beaches. The people of New Zealand are extremely friendly too. Rob said they are second-only to the Irish, who he believes are the most hospitable people in the world. Rob says kindness is practiced internationally which helps when trying to navigate culture or a new path.

According to Rob, the most important tip he can give someone traveling internationally is to be patient. “As Americans we operate at a frenetic pace, while the rest of the world’s people slow down and enjoy. To truly experience international travel, one must be patient.”

Rob’s next trip will be to Japan. Rob describes Japan as “filled with history and a diverse terrain from north to south with amazing food!”
- Jan 27, 2021