The Benefit of Hiring From The Relocation Industry

Relocation mortgage is different than traditional mortgage lending. At Premia Relocation Mortgage, we believe in hiring those that understand relocation in order to create a better mortgage experience. Our team struck gold with Kelly Holzerland.

In 2020, the relocation industry found itself on “hold” as companies stopped relocating employees due to the pandemic. Many good people working in the industry were furloughed or looking for employment. At no fault of her own, Holzerland was one of them

She had worked as an administrative assistant for a national mortgage bank before spending seven years as a relocation counselor and global mobility trainer. When she saw Premia Relocation Mortgage was hiring, she applied.

“In the past, I had referred several relocating employees to Premia Relocation Mortgage for their mortgage needs. Each employee always had great things to say about working with Premia. I was excited for the opportunity to find out what Premia was all about!” said Holzerland.

While Holzerland loves helping people get into their new home, she understands the stress a relocation can cause an individual and family. She summed it by saying, “Relocation is one of the most stressful parts of someone’s life. I love having the opportunity to ease any bit of this stress to make the relocation a success.”

While Holzerland has only been at Premia Relocation Mortgage a short time, she loves the family atmosphere and culture of the company. Holzerland said, “I can definitely feel the connection with each employee. Management truly cares about each of us!”

Welcome to the family Kelly!
- Dec 23, 2020