A Time to Give

The COVID-19 crisis is changing our daily lives, our work and our economy. Individuals and families are struggling mentally and financially. For these reasons, the Premia Relocation Mortgage team wants to do its part to support local charities and community groups that support our most vulnerable.  Since Premia Relocation Mortgage team members work in communities across the country, we chose to donate to charities where we live and work. The charities we selected feed those in need, look after our Veterans, and support the elderly. They are listed below.

Band of Brothers Michigan
Cherokee County School District To-go Student Meals, Alabama
FoodBank of Iowa
Rockwall County Helping Hand, Texas
Second Harvest Heartland, Minnesota
U.S. VETS, Phoenix, AZ
On behalf of Premia Relocation Mortgage, we want to encourage everyone to remember others during this unprecedented time. We are all on the same team. #1team1dream
- Apr 09, 2020