A Passion for Kittens

A couple of years ago Operational Trainer Kya Anderson saw a social media post of a women who arrived at the dentist with two very small kittens on her lap. The woman was a volunteer with the Bitty Kitty Brigade, a rescue for orphaned neonatal kittens in Minneapolis. Kya saw an opportunity.

Today, Kya is regularly fostering newborn kittens and assisting at the rescue. As Kya says, “It is where all my extra time and money goes!”

The team at Premia Relocation Mortgage became aware of Kya’s passion when days-old kittens showed up at the office. You will not find kittens wandering the office of Premia Relocation Mortgage because these kittens may only weigh around 150 grams each and spend their days sleeping. Kittens this small are fed every 2-3 hours until they are nearly 4 weeks old.

According to the organization’s website, “The Bitty Kitty Brigade provides care for kittens ages 0-6 weeks who are without mothers and not yet eating on their own. Once weaned, the kittens are often transferred to another caregiver within our organization where they will be cared for until adoption age, allowing our bottle feeders to take in more littles in need.” Kittens are vaccinated and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

To date, Kya has fostered nearly 30 kittens and enjoys working with the volunteer staff at Bitty Kitty Brigade. “I have found my niche and all of us are passionately working together for this cause.”  

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- Feb 02, 2021