Ease into Your Monthly Payment

The Premia Relocation Mortgage Set Your Pace program allows you to ease into your new payment over the course of two years.

This program is a lender-paid, temporary interest-rate buydown that will lower your monthly mortgage
payments during the first two years of your loan. It’s your payment, so you set the pace.
  • This fixed-rate mortgage offers interest rate peace of mind
  • Your mortgage monthly payments will be reduced for the first two years
  • You continue to build equity as payments are still reducing your principal
  • If you expect your income to increase over time or are only staying a short time, you may benefit the
  • most from this program
How it Works
  • Qualify for payments at the full note rate
  • Year 1 – Payments are calculated by reducing the note rate by 1.5%
  • Year 2 – Payments are calculated by reducing the note rate by .5%
  • After 24 months, payment is based on full note rate
*This is not a commitment to lend. Program restrictions apply.
- Apr 09, 2020