COVID-19 Home Inspections Slow Home Building Process

COVID-19 Home Inspections Slow Home Building Process

The home building inspection process has slowed as many government offices are closed, employees are required to work from home and some inspectors are hesitant to do site visits due to COVID-19.

New home inspections happen throughout the construction process such as after the foundation is in place, pre-drywall and prior to move-in. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average number of home building inspections prior to completion is eight with some areas requiring up to fifteen inspections.

Eight out of ten builders claim that the inspection process has slowed down the building process. Virtual inspections were a growing trend before the COVID-19 pandemic and now more local government agencies are embracing them.

Additional time in the building process can affect your financing. Its always best to communicate any delays with your Mortgage Consultant immediately.
Source: Covid Pandemic Making "Virtual" Inspections a Reality. Jann Swanson. Mortgage News Daily 24 April 2020
- Apr 29, 2020