The Value of a Digital Mortgage Experience

The value of a digital mortgage experience
We run our life from our phone, tablet and desktop. Knocking an item off a to-do list through a mobile app is exciting and builds our loyalty to the app. Who doesn’t want an app that makes life easier? Your expectations shouldn’t be different when relocating and buying a home at your new destination. Premia Relocation Mortgage’s DigitalMoveTM mortgage technology makes home purchases easier.

What is DigitalMove?
DigitalMoveTM allows for less documentation by electronically verifying income, employment and assets. This saves time and reduces the headache of searching for paper documents while moving. DigitalMoveTM promotes communication and transparency, and e-signing reduces time at the closing table. For busy employees relocating due to employment, DigitalMoveTM will change your mortgage expectations and remove stress from the process.

How Does DigitalMove make it easy?
Applying for financing, verifying documentation, viewing the status of your loan and e-signing capabilities can be completed for most borrowers from their phone. From the app,
  • DigitalMoveTM accesses the largest database of employment and income records. Your employer is probably already working with this company.
  • DigitalMoveTM can verify assets by providing a secure way for you to submit financial information without emailing, faxing, scanning or mailing documents. This happens with bank-level security, encryption and monitoring to safeguard your private information.
  • With the DigitalMoveTM app you have a 24/7 view of the mortgage process with instant messaging to your mortgage consultant or loan specialist.
  • eSign disclosures and if available in your state, you may be able to close electronically.
With more access, convenience, and efficiency, you can focus on what matters – your transitioning family and career. DigitalMoveTM and our experienced team deliver a high touch, high tech mortgage experience that will impress.
- Oct 04, 2021