What if I don’t have a US Credit history or FICO score?

Premia Relocation Mortgage assists many homebuyers coming into the U.S. Having a strong payment history is helpful for homebuyers and worrisome for those without a U.S. credit history. Our team will spend the time to assist homebuyers in gathering the appropriate documentation.

Our Relocation Mortgage Consultants are trained to create an accepted credit history from sources outside of the U.S. They work with relocating employees before they depart their home country to assist them in assembling 12-months of payment history from the following sources.
  • Rental or mortgage payments
  • Utilities
  • Self-paid insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Rental payments related to durable goods, i.e. car rental
  • Medical bills
  • School tuition or childcare payments
Once a credit history is created, we can offer a variety of products. While many lenders require a 20% down payment for all foreign nationals, we have program solutions that include a 10% down payment. We want to help everyone overcome the hurdles to home ownership.
- Nov 20, 2020