Commonly Required Documentation

Your Move Matters. So does qualifying for home financing. Our goal is to make this simple by encouraging you to use our DigitalMoveTM platform. Commonly required documentation is listed below, all of which can be uploaded and tracked in real time within the DigitalMoveTM Portal. *These items can be pulled electronically with a click of a button when completing your DigitalMoveTM application.

You may email, fax or mail any of this documentation to us, however our DigitalMoveTM  may be able to ease the process.

30-days, most recent paystubs for all borrowers necessary to qualify

Tax Information
Last two years of W-2 forms and/or tax returns for all borrowers necessary to qualify

*Bank Account Statements
60-days of checking, savings, or any other accounts necessary to qualify
· Account numbers and current balances are clearly visible 
· All pages are needed, even those intentionally left blank
Large deposit, other than payroll, within the last 60 days will require a paper trail.

Asset Information
Most recent quarterly or 60-day statement
· 401k, 403b, 457 retirement plans with terms and conditions of withdrawal
· Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
Stocks and bonds
Current brokerage statement with name of the stocks, amount per share and number of shares owned. All pages are needed.

Gift Letter
We will provide you with a gift letter to be signed by the donor for funds used for a down payment or closing costs
Wire transfer form or gift check with accompanying deposit slip

Contract and Deposit Information
Fully executed closing disclosure from the departure home
A signed copy of your ratified sales contract, Guaranteed Buyout, or Buyer Valuation Offer
Proof of funds from a home sale being deposited into your account or directly to the closing office
If appropriate, an equity advance statement from your employer

Rental Agreement
If the property you are leaving will be rented, please provide
· An executed copy of the current 12-month lease
· A copy of the cancelled check from the 1st month’s deposit.
· If any other rented properties, include tax returns with this income and 3-months most recent proof of rent received

Judgements and/or Tax Liens:
Proof of satisfaction or letters from 3rd party for any accounts in dispute
Terms and conditions of any payment plans

Divorce or Separation
Legal decree
Maintenance agreement, amendments
- Aug 19, 2021