Commonly Required Documentation

Your Move Matters. So does qualifying for home financing. Our goal is to make this simple by encouraging you to use our DigitalMoveTM platform. Commonly required documentation is listed below, all of which can uploaded and tracked in real time within the DigitalMoveTM Portal. *These items can be pulled electronically with a click of a button when completing your DigitalMoveTM application.

*Pay-stubs: For the most current 30 days for all borrowers’  who's income is being used to qualify.
*Tax information:W-2 forms and/or tax returns are often required for the last two years for all borrowers’ income being used to qualify.
*Bank account statements: The account number(s) and current balance(s) of your checking, savings, or any other account(s) for the last 60 days. All pages are needed and any large deposit other than payroll MUST be verified by a paper trail.
Assets information: This includes statements of current assets, such Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Certificates of Deposit (CDs), stocks and bonds. If you have individual investments, bring a current brokerage statement with the name of the stocks, the amount per share and the number of shares owned. All pages are needed.
A gift letter: If part of your down payment or closing costs will be from a gift, you will need to provide proof of deposit (wire transfer, check, deposit slip) and provide a gift letter signed by the donor.
Contract and Deposit Information: Executed closing disclosure from the departure home and a signed copy of your sales contract. If eligible, an equity advance statement from your employer.
Rental Agreement: If you are using the rental income from your departure home to qualify for financing, please provide an executed copy of the lease with proof 1st month’s deposit
Judgements and/or Tax Liens: Letter of satisfaction from a 3rd party for any accounts in dispute
Divorce or Separation Information:  Divorce decree or maintenance agreement with amendments. A 12-month payment history of alimony and/or child support payments you are paying. This will also be required, if you are receiving support and using this income to qualify for financing.
- Jan 31, 2020